January Thaw Blues

Come on – we all knew it was coming, and what better time than right after an arctic blast? The 2014-15 snowmobile season is similar in many ways to last year. Significant snow too early, then a warm up then the deep chill then a warm up, and on and on and on. If we […]

Our Excellent Summer Adventure – Part 2

And why a trip to some National Parks convinced me a Maine Woods National Park isn’t a very good idea. In Part 1, I talked about the criteria for a national park and some of the local situations observed while on our trip out west. Before I start in again, how about a little more […]

Our Excellent Summer Adventure – Part 1

And why a trip to some National Parks convinced me a Maine Woods National Park isn’t a very good idea… Snowmobiling buttoned up in April and the couple of months between the MSA annual meeting and when we need to start preparing for another great winter of snowmobiling is a fine time. The pace at […]

In Like A Lion…

Good grief! Isn’t this like the best winter ever? I took a minute today to visit the trusty NOAA Snow Depth Map and wasn’t terribly surprised by what I found: And it appears that at least in the near future there is no end in sight. Cold temps (that pesky polar vortex!) continues and again […]

So Many Trails, So Little Time

After the fits and starts of the beginning of the season, it looks like everything has come together to bring us the season we want – no wait – deserve! The heavy snow that came overnight is just the icing on the cake for a spectacular holiday weekend and vacation week. If you’ve been thinking […]

Get Out!

OK, so our long few weeks of self-imposed suffering is over. We have some more snow, you won’t freeze your rear end off any more and conditions are excellent. This is the weekend to start hitting the trails for some of the finest riding we’ve seen in a long time. As an added bonus, February […]

Forget That Map!

No, not that map! You should always have a current trail map with you. A compass and a GPS is also helpful, particularly and if you know how to use both of ‘em. The map you want to forget these days is this one: Normally the NOAA Snow Depth Map is our friend. It us […]

Do This Now!

There’s two things every self-respecting snowmobiler needs to do immediately! First is to get out there and ride! Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes when you look out in your back yard and see little more than pathetic brown grass poking up through a thin cover of ice and snow. The truth of the matter is […]

Backyard Syndrome

Sure, that’s a pretty sad sight, but you know, I’m not going to let this ruin my winter. Those of us involved in winter sports are unfortunately all to familiar with the “Backyard Syndrome.” This is when you look out your back door, see a sorry sight like this and decide winter’s over. This is […]

Gas Pains

A bit of a clarification is in order on my blog post of December 20. A friendly e-mail today from Tom Sidar, Executive Director of the Frenchman Bay Conservancy, a successful land trust Downeast, called me to task on my comment that you should “dump” your old gas from last season. Tom is of course […]